Why Fragrance Free Is Important

No body needs fragrance....every body requires clean air to breathe

Misleading marketing campaigns over decades have convinced society that fragrance is required for a product to clean, all in an attempt to upsell you on the latest chemical concoction.  It simply isn't reality.  Fragrance and essential oils are not required to clean.  Just a good quality, simple soap is all you need!

  Nope.  Soap cleans just fine without it.  Besides, we like to breathe fresh air!
Essential oils?   Wrong again.  Let's not contaminate the air with VOCs.   
Synthetic dyes?   Nada.  Nature provides its own beautiful colors, why would we turn to synthetic dyes?
Micas?  Swing and a miss.  Micas used in soaps are often colored with synthetic dyes.  No need to turn to synthetic colorants.

Canary Whiskers Soap Company understands what it takes to keep it clean! 

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Fragrance-Free Living...
You'll Love It!