What’s with the name Canary Whiskers?  Folks with fragrance sensitivities are often called canaries — a reference to the idiom “canary in a coal mine.” Much like the little birds that were carried in cages into coal mines to serve as early detectors of the presence of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases in the air, fragrance sensitivity is seen as an early indicator of the possibility of other intolerances.  

The term whiskers in our name is rooted in the ultrasensitive nature of cats’ whiskers, which play a key role in how these animals sense and navigate their world. Plus, to the be the cat’s whiskers means to be really cool and impressive — which our soaps are. 

What’s the advantage of going fragrance free?   Products with fragrances can trigger adverse reactions. There are many who go fragrance-free out of choice and some out of necessity. Avoiding fragrances improves the quality of the air we breathe. It means fewer additives in the air. 

When it comes to air quality, the closer we can get to clean air, the better. 

Fragrance-free products can also be less toxic. It all starts with what goes in. Everything that goes into a product ultimately ends up in our lakes, oceans, drinking water and soil. That’s why at Canary Whiskers Soap Company, we strive for minimal ingredients, and use no fragrances, dyes or essential oils. We are doing our part to reduce the stress on our precious planet.   

Why have you eliminated essential oils? Even natural substances can cause allergic reactions and trigger sensitivities. Essential oils are extracted from plants and hence often have the aroma we associate with the flowers, roots or leaves, such as mint, lavender, eucalyptus, etc. The essential oil market is not strictly regulated, and this raises an issue of quality control. Additionally, essential oils can be problematic for individuals. To create a safer cleansing experience that is as inclusive as possible, we have chosen to eliminate essential oils. 

Are your products natural?  We use several naturally occurring, high-quality ingredients in our soaps such as organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil and tallow, to name a few. But soap by its nature is man-made, as is lye (sodium hydroxide). Rather than getting caught up in labels and trends, we believe in being transparent about what goes into our soaps so you can make a well-informed decision. 

Why do you use animal products?  Traditionally, soaps were made using whatever fatty acids were available, and that often included animal fats — a more eco-friendly solution than simply tossing the fat. Besides its role as a classic ingredient in soapmaking, animal fats are a safer alternative for our customers who struggle with reactions to vegetable oils due to salicylate allergies. Salicylate is a substance found in plants. 

In an effort to be inclusive, we also offer soaps that are made exclusively with vegetable oil, exclusively with animal fat, and products that are vegan.  

Do you have vegan options?  Yes. We have soaps that have absolutely no animal product in them. We are very transparent about what goes into our soaps. All ingredients are clearly listed so you can make an informed decision.


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