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FULL-SIZE BAR SOAP:  Fragrance free with no dyes and no essential oils.  Created for folks with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), our products are for everyone to enjoy.  Full-size bars weigh in at least 5 ounces per bar.

MINIATURE BAR SOAPS:   Perfect for vacations, sharing, and adding to your spa gift baskets. Encourage your tiny humans to wash often with soap sized for their mini-me hands.

TRAVEL SOAP STICKS:    Portable and compact for handwashing on the go.  Throw your fragrance-free soap in a pocket, car, tackle box, purse, or backpack.  TSA compliant.

LAUNDRY SOAP SHREDS: Coming soon!  Soak in the bliss of our laundry soap shreds, with no dyes or scents.  The perfect base ingredient for use in your favorite DIY laundry soap recipe.   

SOAP SCRAPPIES:  Coming soon! The misshapen cuts of soap become bags of soap scrappies.  A terrific option for bargain hunters and anyone who hates to see good things go to waste.


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