HEIRLOOM SERIES: Organic extra virgin olive oil is the star attraction in this line. Traditionally a soft soap, ours cures for nine months to give it more stability. It is the least we can do to boost this mild cleanser that boasts a long and rich history.   

SELECT SERIES: Here’s a line of soap with all the best bits left in. Organic coconut oil forms the base of our Select Series, which is infused with an extra dose of the oil to create a hard bar that is long-lasting, bubbly, and mild.     

HERITAGE SERIES: A nod to the old school, our Heritage Series features moisture-rich tallow. Perfect for those comforted by a hard bar of soap that is soft on the skin and delivers a wonderfully long-lasting lather.

SIGNATURE SERIES: The perfect balancing act, our Signature Series starts with finding that happy medium between the softness of olive oil soaps and the firmness of coconut oil soaps. Made with organic oils, this line offers a rich, creamy lather and a gentle clean.  

CLASSIC SERIES: The name says it all. Our Classic Series turns to the time-honored wisdom of using lard as the backbone for soap. Think you’re too genteel for grandma’s soap? Think again. Lard soap has come a long way, and our version is rock solid, delivers a rich lather and is extremely gentle on the skin.    


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